The Computerized Cobbler

8750 Genesee Ave #250 San DiegoCA 92122


Phone:     858-558-9328


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Business Hours

Monday- 8:30am-6pm

Tuesday- 8:30am-6pm

Wednesday- 8:30am-6pm

Thursday- 8:30am-6pm

Friday- 8:30am-6pm

Saturday- 9am-4pm

Sunday- Closed

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The Computerized Cobbler has been family owned and operated since 1990. Our philosophy is simple: Do the best job, with the best products, for the best price! We pride ourselves on our service and we make your satisfaction our priority. Our experienced cobblers will ensure that you receive the very best in quality. We gratefully acknowledge the loyalty of our customers, many of whom have enjoyed our services for more than two decades. Our dedication to quality and customer service will never change. This is not just a catch phrase for us. They are core beliefs by our dedication to personalized excellence. Our business is best advertised by a positive word of mouth. Our team dedication can make any special request possible. All our soles come with a guarantee of best performance, maximum comfort, and quality over time. We use nothing but the best of all materials possible, including Vibram soles and heels, and the highest  super prime Italian leather soles and half soles. We are a full service shoe repair shop, repairing leather goods, luggage, as well as special orthopedic shoe modifications.

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