Costa Verde Center, University City, La jolla,  CA

New handles

Heel recover and refinish

Orthopedic Shoe Repair

Add Protective Soles to your shoes so they can last longer!

Women's Shoe Repair

  • Dowel Heels for High Heels
  • Heels for Flats
  • Combination Heels (half leather, half rubber)
  • Re-attach Heel
  • Shorten Heel
  • Protective Soles (available in many colors)
  • Half Italian Leather Soles
  • Half Neo-lite Soles (available in brown, black, or natural)
  • Vibram Half Minilug sole (available in brown, black, or natural)
  • Full Italian Leather Soles
  • Full Rubber Soles
  • Shorten or Lengthen Elastics
  • New Elastics
  • Shorten Straps
  • Stretch
  • Dye: Change Color
  • Refinish: Same Color
  • New Sock Liners
  • Heel or Toe Plates
  • Leather or Rubber Toe Pieces
  • Shampoo & Water Proof
  • Replace Entire Heel
  • Orthopedic
  • Equestrian Boot Repair
  • And much more!!